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The Patterson Foundation      of Georgia

Supporting the Bond Between Humans and Animals

The Patterson Foundation of Georgia  believes in supporting sustainable actions that reinforce the bonds between humans and animals. Through our work, we support projects that identify equitable veterinary solutions for pet ownership while endeavoring to increase awareness of the interface that exist between humans and wildlife. We  strive towards work that brings people together in order to effect positive outcomes the changes needed to protect animals.

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About Us

The Patterson Foundation of Georgia, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization,  is the culmination of a husband and wife's dream to support the interface between animals and humans.  Collectively, they have spent their careers working with both pets and wildlife seeing just how mistruths and limited resources can impact both health and reason. Their shared passion for realizing equitable solutions be implemented spurned their work in establishing SurgiPet of Georgia. 

Their insight into the current obstacles facing both veterinary medicine, wildlife research, and education fostered a desire to improve conditions for all those impacted.  

"While passions for global issues abound, its the repairs needed in our own community that makes the greatest impact."

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As an active Animal Welfare Organization since 2020, The Patterson Foundation of Georgia is committed to supporting pet ownership and wildlife rehabilitation through equitable veterinary solutions. The more people get involved, the stronger we are. Contact us to see how you can help today.

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SurgiPet is a nonprofit veterinary clinic offering high quality pet dentistry and non-routine surgery at a reduced rate.

Our mission at SurgiPet is to provide low cost services that will aid in the prevention of pet suffering and economic euthanasia.  We believe that the human-animal bond should be preserved for all families including those experiencing economic hardship or limited income.  Because our services are limited, our costs for operation are limited allowing us to keep our prices affordable.  Our goal is to improve the health and longevity of pets that would otherwise go untreated.

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Rehabilitation and Rescue

Helping Wildlife in Need

With our mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies to make our Rehabilitation and Rescue efforts more effective. We have a long-term plan to develop a wildlife rehabilitation facility that will both save wildlife and educate visitors towards their importance and impacts if lost. Contact us to learn more about our work in supporting  those who are passionate about saving wildlife.


Conservation Through Education

Reinforcing Our Commitment

With this initiative, our goal is to support the education of wildlife found in Georgia. The Patterson Foundation supports wildlife research and education through the administration of grants to those in need of financial support. With the support of our dedicated community, our Advocacy efforts go a long way. Learn more about this initiative and how you can help.


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Help Us Take A Bite Out Of The Issues

We Welcome Donations of all sizes. Your tax-deductible donation can be designated to go towards a specific focus area or in general to support our mission to provide equitable veterinary and wildlife services to those in need.

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P.O. Box 365 Flowery Branch Georgia 30542

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